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Broccoli GPH Capsules 60 Pieces

Broccoli GPH Capsules 60 Pieces

Broccoli Capsules contain 250 mg broccoli sprout concentrate standardised to glucoraphane in a hard gelatine capsule.

The daily dose of 500 mg concentrate corresponds to 10 g broccoli. Broccoli is the most important source of sulforaphane glucosinate; a particular high concentration can be found in the flower sprouts. They are harvested when they are about 10 cm long before the flowers open. Sulforaphane acts as a phase 2 protein inducer, i.e. this natural component of broccoli is a strong antioxidant - which has been proven by studies. Oxidants are inhibited in their formation or scavenged. Eating broccoli means keeping one’s cells fit.

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