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Kilo Nit Drops 100 ml

Kilo Nit Drops 100 ml

Kilo Nit is a pure plant product that supports weight loss efforts - with no out complex diet plans, no nagging feelings of hunger and no reduced feelings of well-being.

Kilo Nit contains plant extracts from bladderwrack (increases the basal metabolic rate and the burning of calories), birch leaves (increase the discharge of water from tissue) and stinging nettle (boosts the metabolism).

The Kilo Nit regimen is based on the latest findings in nutritional physiology; observing these findings will lead to measurable weight loss.

Recommended use: Take 10 drops 5 – 10 x per day, undiluted – preferably 1 hour after the main meals, when you feel hungry or have cravings.

Note: Alcohol content: 20 % vol.

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