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Liver-Bile-Fit GPH Capsules 60 Pieces

Liver-Bile-Fit GPH Capsules 60 Pieces

Liver-bile-fit GPH capsules contain 125 mg dry blessed milk thistle extract standardised to 80 % silymarin, 65 mg turmeric root extract with 95 % curcuminoids, 60 mg peppermint leave extract, 55 mg Boldo leave extract and 50 mg dandelion extract in a hard gelatine capsule.

The substances from these plant extracts complement each other in their positive effects on liver and gallbladder and are able to support these two organs. The liver can be protected from harmful influences and its ability to regenerate can be improved. When the production of bile is stimulated and when the bile flow from the gall bladder works properly, the digestion of fat food is improved and the unpleasant feeling of fullness and bloating can be avoided.

Recommended use: 3 x 1 capsule per day

Important notes: Free of yeast, gluten and lactose

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